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Croft Farm Construction Shipton, North Yorkshire

Brief: To pump in a 8.5 m3 self compacting high strength concrete over a DMP to form a new level substrate, lay customers insulation and place over a 500 gauge DPM, tape throughout and apply a perimeter edging strip, floor is now prepared for under floor heating. Pump in 5m3 of flowing screed and level through out.

Floor fully prepared and ready for flowing screed.
Screed being pumped in.
Screed being placed.
Screed ready for dappling and levelling off.

Bootham SchoolYork, North Yorkshire

Brief: To repair uneven base to Bootham school in York on behalf of WM Birch construction.

Bagged screed, hand mixed & placed using spiked rollers and shoes, levelled throughout and available for foot traffic in 2 hours.

Floor being primed with a liquid SBR (liquid membrane).
Mixed bagged screed being poured on to primed sub base.
Screed being rollered through with a spiked roller to aid levelling.
Screed is ready for foot traffic in 2 hours.