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Floor Screed Preparation

Liquid Screed Preparation, Floor Preparation for Flowing Screed

Pro Screed York Ltd has a wealth of experience in all aspects of floor screed and sub-floor preparation having been in business since 2013. The floor screed preparation for flooring is essentially more significant than the product itself in ensuring the floors durability and longevity. Insufficient or improper preparation can cause premature failures of the flooring and unforeseen additional costs. Uneven floor raises and irregularities in the surface can cause your flooring to wear or perhaps even split over time. As it is known the longevity of a flooring installation is dependent on the quality of its sub-floor. A flat and properly prepared sub-floor will guarantee you`ll receive value for your money over the floors lifetime.

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Pro Screed Floor Preparation

The correct Floor Preparation in any situation is key for a trouble-free result and it’s no different within our screed and UFH preparation process. From selecting the correct insulation for strength, U value and depth, Pro Screed will adhere to local and current building regulations to supply and install the required insulation for your project. Once installed any small gaps will then be filled with either sand or expanding foam to eliminate any lateral movement. Our slip membrane / vapour barrier is a 500 gauge (125 mu) single wound tanking system, once this is taped with our branded PVC tape, it will help contain all of the liquid screed keeping your new slab in situ. Our perimeter expansion strip will allow a heated floor to expand and contract when heating up and cooling down, it also helps achieve a fully tanked system to contain the screed product.

Floor Preparation
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PRO SCREED York Limited

Damp Proof Membrane, Tanking Membrane & Edge Strip

The correct sub-floor preparation is critical and paramount before the substrate or sub-base is to receive the chosen flow screed or liquid screed product. The flow screed or liquid screed should only be laid on a suitably well prepared substrate. The screed can either be laid bonded or over a damp-proof membrane or separating polythene layer (usually a 500 gauge). The separation layer can be either a thermal or acoustic insulation.

Edge strips are recommended around the perimeters of the walls, hard standing or pipes and joints placed where appropriate. The Screed height is established by laser level from a datum and tripods across the floor surface and working area.

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Floor leveling & Application

Through-out the working area we set out leveling gauges called ‘tripods’ and, using a laser, will set them to the correct depth to make sure that the finished screed surface is level throughout the building and floor surfaces.

The screed will then be pumped in and poured to the depths set by the tripods. Once this is done, the tripods are carefully removed. To make sure that it is smooth, without any tide marks or air bubbles, we will then agitate the screed using a dappling bar. The screed installation is then complete.

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PRO SCREED York Limited

Quality Controlled

Preparation is the key to a successful screed application, Pro Screed York Ltd can supply and fit the materials required to prepare your floor for a liquid screed. Using our vast expertise and guidance Pro Screed can supply and prepare any floor surface, residential or commercial, to a high standard with the appropriate materials, and a tailored solution to suit your floor project requirements.

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All our underfloor heating projects are perfectly designed, drawing on from hundreds of our past installations. A good design and quality prep work means we will get the job right first time, guaranteed.

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Pro Screed’s team of qualified underfloor heating installers will install your UFH system excatly to the design specifications and completed drawings.

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After the installation process we provide a full flow liquid screed service to safely cover and secure the UFH heating system in its place.

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After Care

Pro Screed’s underfloor heating maintenance and repair service will keep your UFH heating running proficiently and will lengthen the life of the UFH system components.

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