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Floor Screeding

Floor screed, liquid floor screed and self leveling floor screed services

For your home, the office or a commercial development, floor screeding or self levelling screed is quickly becoming one of the most widely used floor building techniques in both new builds and restoration building projects. Here at Pro Screed we use only the highest quality ‘Anhydrite’ flooring screed from chosen manufacturers. These manufacturers have tested their products in both domestic and commercial environments. On top of this, the manufacturers and suppliers we use have committed to using only bi-products as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

With our in-house expertise, Pro Screed can advise you on which materials will best suit your property development. We offer the best possible level of service and support coupled with our vast knowledge of sand and cement screeds, bonded screed, unbonded screed, concrete screed and floating screed products. Lafarge, Cemex, Breedon and Tarmac floor screeding products are the high quality companies we use to give you the best possible flooring installation service.

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Levelling Floor Screed

Levelling screed or liquid screeds are the perfect answer to a level surface and floor finish. When used in conjunction with an underfloor heating system the liquid screed will be pumped over the underfloor heating pipes to fully encapsulate them leaving no air pockets. With the liquid screed being a gypsum or cement based eco-friendly product it will heat up very quickly and retain the heat longer reducing your heating costs. Pro Screed recommend a minimum screed thickness of 50mm, screed should be applied and no more than 70-75mm of screed. Where there is no underfloor heating installation the depth of screed can be as little as 30mm with a slip membrane under neath of 25mm where a liquid membrane has been applied allowing the screed to bond to the substrate.

PRO SCREED York Limited

Floor Screed

Pro Screed screeding systems and our liquid screed pump service is a fast and cost-effective solution to cover refurbished floors such as old timber and concrete floors. Our screed pump hire service will leave your retrofit underfloor heating project with a smooth and hard-wearing surface. Liquid screed pumping is very efficient and less labour intensive than a traditional screed method which means that areas in excess of 1,000m2 are easily completed in a single day, enabling large areas of hard wearing screed to be finished within a short time frame.

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PRO SCREED York Limited

Floor Screed Mix

Pro Screed are Yorkshire’s premier Floor screeding contractors. Pro Screed employ highly qualified floor screeders coupled with certified underfloor heating system engineers utilising the very best self leveling screed and flow screed products available on the market.

Pro Screed work alongside various screed manufacturers throughout the UK and will always try to work with the closest plant to the work site, reducing traveling times and carbon footprint, workability with the product or a particular type of screed.

Screed floor drying time. Pro Screed floor screeds are walk-able from only 4 hours and can receive floor coverings from as little as 6 hours after deployment.

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All our underfloor heating installation projects are perfectly designed, drawing on from hundreds of our past installations. A good design and quality prep work means we will get the job right first time, guaranteed.

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Pro Screed’s team of qualified underfloor heating installers will install your underfloor heating system excatly to the design specifications and completed drawings.

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After the installation process we provide a full flow liquid screed service to safely cover and secure the underfloor heating system in its place.

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After Care

Pro Screed’s underfloor heating maintenance and repair service will keep your underfloor heating system running proficiently and will lengthen the life of the underfloor heating system components.

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